Why Managed IT Services Will Save You More Than Money

“Downtime costs money.”

It's no secret, when you can't provide services and support to your customers it's hard to make money. But the statement above doesn’t quite capture the whole experience. Imagine you arrive to work in the morning or slide into your comfy chair in your home office with your fresh cup coffee knowing you’ve got a hectic day ahead, and are ready to dive in to that huge project due in two days. For some reason your computer can’t access the database in your cloud storage and neither can anyone else you reach out to! You have someone in the office restart the server while fielding calls left, right and center, but are unable to answer their questions without your data. Your hands are completely tied… You’re not just in crisis mode, you’re on damage control as you call every tech-savvy person you can think of, trying to find one who can come NOW. Not exactly the day you had planned. The Break/Fix Days Are Gone

Previously, businesses only addressed IT needs when something broke. A few hours down meant little in the scope of things. In today’s fast world, businesses rely heavily on their workstations, servers, networks, and data. Downtime isn’t an option.

What are your employees able to accomplish if their laptop PC or Mac won't start? Who can you call who understands your business and the urgency of restoring your business to full functionality? How do you recover the data you just lost when your computer was stolen? Byte Squad believes in doing all of the hard work before something breaks, or a catastrophe happens taking the time to get to know your unique business needs and implementing a plan to support you that fits within your IT budget. We use what's currently working and implement what's needed to fill any technology gaps in your business.

The cost of break/fix is high, both financially and emotionally. Simply put, Managed IT services by companies such as ours are remotely monitored and proactively managed by a professional, external business. Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) runs regular diagnostics on equipment to identify impending failure and resolves problems before they happen. They work behind the scenes to provide regular patch updates to workstations and servers, ensure antivirus software is up-to-date, and if needed monitor your network and all of the equipment connected to it. They monitor the back up of your data, ensuring should the need arise that you can be restored to full function within hours. All of this begs the question, "are you covered?" Benefits of Managed Services Small to medium businesses in particular benefit from managed services, because they don’t usually have an on-site technician to oversee the multiple systems in use. By subscribing to a managed service provider, businesses can have reduced labor costs, access to a knowledge base, future-pacing, better data security and reduced downtime. Businesses can also know exactly what their upcoming costs are and plan accordingly. Byte Squad takes you from a reactionary stance with your technology to a proactive one. As your trusted technology provider, we become your personal IT Department. Some of the Managed Services we can provide are:

Remote support – This allows us to help you quickly in a secure screen share without needing to be on-site. Hardware monitoring – We monitor your servers and workstations to catch hardware failures before they happen. Managed anti-virus – We make sure your anti-virus is up to date and take immediate action if an infection occurs. We use Webroot, an industry leading provider of antivirus software which also protects against malware and ransomware.

Managed Cloud Data backup - We provide affordable, scalable data back up of your valued data that is customized to your unique business needs. Patch management – We make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date, closing access to known vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

How much down time can your business afford? Give us a call at 612-400-5994 to start the conversation with us to take you from reactive to proactive.

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