11 Reasons To Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Today

Have you ever wondered how you could implement a system that is highly collaborative, provides accountability for your staff, includes the entire suite of Office 365 products including Exchange and Active Directory, while providing a set cost each month that allows for you to only pay for the licenses you need? Well, the answer to your question is Microsoft Office 365 for Business. Byte Squad has assisted numerous businesses in the transition from a costly, ineffective strategy where they are paying three or four separate bills for email hosting, 3rd-party applications, and Office software licensing. Here are some of the advantages of implementing Office 365 for Business in your office now.

1. The whole Mac vs Windows drama is over

Microsoft 365 brings with it a stack of benefits, but perhaps the most relieving is the in-built file compatibility across ALL platforms. No more converting (or corrupting) files back and forth, productivity black holes have essentially been eliminated. Each member of your team can work effectively together with their peers no matter if they're Mac or PC.

2. Available anywhere on the planet

Microsoft is so confident in their cloud-based software and data storage; they’re giving a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can even call a real life human for support. Work online, offline or mobile, from the office, from home, from the beach – the choice is yours.

3. Security is built in

A large part of Microsoft’s uptime certainty comes from their extremely robust security protocols. Microsoft 365 offers enterprise-grade admin controls at your end, as well as government-grade security at their end. Robust email filtering in Exchange, Active Directory user administration in Azure, two-form factor authentication have a myriad of tools as a business owner to ensure your proprietary data stays safe.

4. Generous data allowances

Each user gets a whopping 1TB of cloud space for file storage, which can be shared at folder or file level.

5. Work anywhere, anytime

Previously, staff needed to establish a VPN or manage security concerns which made working off-site difficult and cumbersome. Microsoft 365 has solved that problem and working from anywhere is now easy. In Minnesota, when the snow is can work just as effectively from the couch as you can your office chair.

6. Integrated organization

Calendar, email and contacts are all synced and updated across multiple devices: Laptop, desktop & mobile.

7. Yours for no upfront costs, and no sticker shock.

Once upon a time, updating your Office version meant paying a small fortune and half a day downtime. Microsoft 365 changes that, with no upfront cost or installation delay. Moving from your existing system can be done over a weekend by Byte Squad! For $12.50 per user per month, you can tap into the power of Office 365 for Business, ensuring you always have the latest version of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and the other Office apps. With the newest versions come the latest in security updates, keeping you safe from harm.

8. Mailbox storage through the roof

Forget the days of ‘user mailbox is full’ – each user is given a whopping 50GB in a gorgeous, easy-to-use mailbox.

9. Built in malware and spam protection

Data security doesn’t stop at file storage: email is scanned for malware and spam, protecting your organization from all manner of attacks before they happen. Phishing and malware scams are stopped in their tracks, and your staff can report suspicious email to the administrator for review via Outlook.

10. Collaboration tools and virtual meeting

Cancel your 3rd party services and bring all your shared systems into the ONE platform. With Sharepoint, Teams, and One can enable accountability and collaboration within your team!

11. Integrated Team planning

Schedule tasks, meetings and track allocations from a top-down level to know exactly how projects are progressing. As a business owner you will always know when a task is complete, on schedule, or behind. Teams collaboration adds another layer to the communication within your organization and provides a one stop shop for all of your data.

Byte Squad can help with your Microsoft 365 migration and setup. Cutting costs while adding functionality and synergy to your business is our goal! – give us a call today at 612-400-5994

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