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Data Recovery Services

Photos, Documents, Music, we can recover it all.

Nothing compares to a moment where you've lost all of your data.  Data is THE most precious resource any of us keep on a computer.  Photos, documents, business critical databases, music and video files, it's a nightmare when it disappears or goes corrupt.  Whether your data is stored on a hard drive inside your computer, on an external USB drive, USB stick, or SD card, when it is lost we can help you get it ALL back.

We charge a simple $19.99 fee to look at the hardware your data is on.  If we recover your data, we charge a flat fee of $249.99 with your data provided to you on a back-up external drive included in the cost for you to copy wherever you choose.

No matter the reason for your data loss, our technicians use industry leading professional data recovery software to analyze your data and recover it.  Once your data is recovered, we can help you mitigate any future chance of data corruption or loss by helping you set up a viable back up to an external drive or to the cloud.  

Contact Byte Squad today at 612-400-5994 to help you with all of your data recovery, transfer, and back up needs.

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